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A Good Reputation

A New Creation

Ahab’s Proverb

 “. . . and such like.” 

Be Holy For I Am Holy

Children Must Give Honor 

Come Unto Me

Days of Infamy

Darlington Ndlovu – A Lesson in Growth

God, Fatherhood and Children

God’s Judges

How Well Are We Learning the Bible?

Imitating Christ

Is Christmas Day Somebody’s Birthday?

Living by Principles 

Maintaining Marital Purity – 1Corinthians 7

Paradoxical Blessings of Christ 

Qualities Needed in the Local Church

Remember Your Creator

Sinners Anonymous

Solomon On Money

Straining Out Gnats and Swallowing Camels

Take Heed How You See

The Carpenter’s Son Builds a House 

The Christian Under Pressure

The Gospel of Christ: Truth in Love or Hate Speech

The Imagery and Reality of Hell

The Lost Parables of Jesus 

Timely Reminders

Understanding the Times

Who Has a Right to Marry?

Withdrawing From the Disorderly

The Bible, The Whole Bible, and Nothing But The Bible

“I’m not a Real Christian, But I Play One On Sunday.”

Is Obedience Reasonable?