Audio Sermons

These are recordings from Meetings over the last few years. Follow the links and listen free!

DateTitle (click to listen)SpeakerSeriesNo.
2009-08How to Keep a Marriage StrongJohn EvansMeeting 20091
2009-08I Wish I could Just Run AwayJohn EvansMeeting 20092
2009-08Stealing Our Hearts and MindsJohn EvansMeeting 20093
2009-08The Sufferings of This Present WorldJohn EvansMeeting 20094
2009-08Three of the Devils DartsJohn EvansMeeting 20095
2009-08Why I BelieveJohn EvansMeeting 20096
2010-08Making Contact With GodMark McCraryMeeting 20101
2010-08Making Contact Through DevotionMark McCraryMeeting 20102
2010-08Making Contact through PrayerMark McCraryMeeting 20103
2010-08Making Contact Through Worship 1Mark McCraryMeeting 20104
2010-08Making Contact Through Worship 2Mark McCraryMeeting 20105
2010-08Making Contact Through EvangelismMark McCraryMeeting 20106
2010-08Making Contact Through CompassionMark McCraryMeeting 20107
2010-08Making Contact Through Holy LivingMark McCraryMeeting 20108
2011-03The Big Picture of the BiblePaul WilliamsMeeting 20111
2011-03Institutional Controversies 1Paul WilliamsMeeting 20112
2011-03Institutional Controversies 2Paul WilliamsMeeting 20113
2011-03Institutional Controversies 3Paul WilliamsMeeting 20114
2011-07Just One More Froggy NightKenneth SilsMeeting 20111
2011-07Laid Up For Me The Crown Of RighteousnessKenneth SilsMeeting 20112
2011-07Multitudes Pressing About JesusKenneth SilsMeeting 20113
2011-07Who Told You That You Were NakedKenneth SilsMeeting 20114
2011-07You Welcome It Not As The Word Of Men But As The Word Of GodKenneth SilsMeeting 20115
2011-07Seven Attitude Stink BombsKenneth SilsMeeting 20116
2012-07Wake the World and Tell the PeopleConnie AdamsMeeting 20121
2012-07First PrinciplesConnie AdamsMeeting 20122
2012-07The Greatest PreacherConnie AdamsMeeting 20123
2012-07Fulfilled Prophecy- Proof for The BibleConnie AdamsMeeting 20124
2012-07From Heaven or of MenConnie AdamsMeeting 20125
2012-07Good Homes in a Wicked WorldConnie AdamsMeeting 20126
2012-07Dangers Facing the ChurchConnie AdamsMeeting 20127
2012-07John 316Connie AdamsMeeting 20128
2013-03In Defense of the Existence of GodKevin ClarkMeeting 20131
2013-03In Defense of the Inspiration of the BibleKevin ClarkMeeting 20132
2013-03In Defense of the Resurrection of JesusKevin ClarkMeeting 20133
2013-03In Defense of the Deity of JesusKevin ClarkMeeting 20134
2013-03In Defense of God's One True ChurchKevin ClarkMeeting 20135
2013-03In Defense of MoralityKevin ClarkMeeting 20136
2013-07Living According to Plan BJim DeasonMeeting 20131
2013-07The Disciplines of JesusJim DeasonMeeting 20132
2013-07The Sins of SodomJim DeasonMeeting 20133
2013-07How Shall We DressJim DeasonMeeting 20134
2013-07How Can I Have HopeJim DeasonMeeting 20135
2014-08The One Who Gave it AllKris EmersonMeeting 20141
2014-08The Great LeaderKris EmersonMeeting 20142
2014-08Into the Dying WorldKris EmersonMeeting 20143
2014-08By Faith in His WordKris EmersonMeeting 20144
2014-08Through Lifes StrugglesKris EmersonMeeting 20145
2014-08To Raise Children of ServiceKris EmersonMeeting 20146
2014-08With My Social Media AccountKris EmersonMeeting 20147
2014-08All the Way HomeKris EmersonMeeting 20148
2014The Birth of ChristDan ChaneyMeeting1
2014Final Week and DeathDan ChaneyMeeting2
2014The Awesome Power of GodDan ChaneyMeeting3
2014Do You Know Jesus ChristDan ChaneyMeeting4
2014The Book of EphesiansDan ChaneyMeeting5
2014Jesus, the Good ShepherdDan ChaneyMeeting6
2014The Magnificent JesusDan ChaneyMeeting7
2016-07The Excellence of WorshipMark McCraryMeeting 20161
2016-07The Christian in Relation to ChristMark McCraryMeeting 20162
2016-07The Imperative of LoveMark McCraryMeeting 20163
2016-07Peace in the Local ChurchMark McCraryMeeting 20164
2016-07A Father Speaks to His ChildrenMark McCraryMeeting 20165
2016-07Jesus Deals with DoubtMark McCraryMeeting 20166